My erotic stories ;)

Apartment for two

I booked an apartment for two by the sea. A nice boy is coming to visit me. We can’t be with me because I don’t live alone, so I decided on this option.
I sent him a message that I had booked an apartment and he asked at the reception desk where the young Miss Ana was. He answered -Super.I am a little excited, nervous u … I mean the porch is there for me.I couldn’t wait for the day to come .I didn’t know what else to wear but I think I’ll meet him naked in the tub.

And yes, that day came. I went out happily and told my friends that I would sleep with a friend. They accepted it. I ride the bus to the hotel. My excitement is growing and my heart is pounding for an hour. I was close to the hotel and just didn’t come. He sent me a message saying that he was at the hotel in two hours. I just told him I would wait for him. I get out of the bus and walk towards the hotel. I enter the hotel and a young brunette with black works glasses.
I told her everything and she gave me the apartment key and she still said “Enjoy” I said thank you, I’ll only enjoy it when he comes to me. It’s good that they have a key for him too, so I won’t have any problems, I can be in the tub naked.I walked inside the apartment which was big.
The kitchen was as big as the room and the living room. Wow big television on the wall, the bathroom was a little smaller. As I was quite excited and all that, I decided to take a bath in the bathtub. , I make a bath with a lot of foam. I remove everything from me when it is ready soon. I wait a little longer and I go inside. I relax, it really helps. I closed my eyes and let myself go. I didn’t hear anything or anyone. I enjoyed it.

Someone put their hands on my eyes and asked me: Who am I? I mean, I mean and say. Luke it’s you!?. You guessed it, that’s me. He laughed. You wound up. Yeah, I wanted to surprise you. Nice of you, you can’t be naked in the tub without me. , he goes inside. He took everything off and went into the tub.

We looked at each other. He leaned against my body and kissed me. I can feel his dick on my stomach mmm. He moves away and I go after his dick. Under the foam you can’t see anything, I take his dick in my hand. .Have him slowly, He becomes more and more firm in my hand, I quickly jerk him now and he puts his hand on my pussy.Make it to me. His dick was in the air and calling … Ana take it!

We’re on the bed, sitting next to each other. I lean my head and get to his dick. I put him in his mouth all the way. He’s so nice and hard. I’ll go head up and down. For a few minutes. I stand and look at him, he says to me. I spread my legs and he comes his head between my legs. He licks her and I moan. She runs her tongue over her and stabs her tongue more and more. I am very wet. She looks into my green eyes and says – I want to fuck you the apartment can be fucked all over the apartment. It kicks my ass and says Ana, you’re bad,

We stayed in the room there, though. He fucked me first. I was on top of him. I was speeding up the rhythm. This is so good. I lean over to kiss him only and then continue to a faster rhythm. We changed the pose,

I lie down and spread my legs very slowly. He slowly puts my dick in his pussy. I can feel him. He is whole. We looked into his eyes and he fucked me slowly. I started moaning slowly. He accelerates the pace, he fucks me faster. Ah … Ah. .good feeling. He fucked me and didn’t stop. We were in that pose for a while.

He fucked me in the ass now. I tugged at him and he slapped me. He licked my ass a little and then put his dick in. He walked in slowly. He went in almost and he slowly started fucking me.
He was gentle until I got used to his dick in the ass. Both of us were very horny and it was a question of when we would do both. When he saw it fit me, it accelerated the pace. He moaned. he said he would cum in my ass. I just said he could. It was warm and everything smelled like our sex. It happened instantly. I can feel his warm cum, feel it inside. He took his dick out and sperm spilled I started all over with my feet ready, but I smeared it.

I couldn’t stand it anymore. He licked my tongue and fucked me with his fingers.
We’ll both remember this sex. We were still in bed. We talked.

My sexy legs

The delivery girl and me 🙂
I listened to music and cleaned the apartment. Some hunger struck me. What will I eat hmmm ….!? Oh yes .. I’ll order something from Mcdonalds, I’ll go order. I’m waiting for food … After half an hour my food arrives.
I open and see a blonde girl. She would do anything in bed for her. She would take everything off her. I opened the half-naked door for her. I only had thongs, I wrapped myself with a blanket so I couldn’t see anything. is.
Everything went so fast. She went inside and we were fast naked on the bed. She told me first of all that she loved girls and that I was very sweet to her. I laughed and told her that I loved girls too and that she was very handsome me.
We petted each other’s pussy and kissed each other in the mouth.
You know what I mean now … Two blondes are cuddling on the bed, which a man would not like to have now. Hihi I just laughed.
We went in pose 69, we licked each other’s pussy. We were so wet and tight. We put two fingers into each other’s pussies, we licked each other’s clerothis. It was really nice … After a few minutes …
We kissed in the mouth for a long time and cuddled. We started to moan, we enjoyed it.
We anointed each other’s pussy, we groaned, we kissed. We touched each other’s boobs and nibbled our nipples until we reached the climax.
There were a lot of our juices. I will remember this day with a pretty blonde I cuddled in bed.


I put on my apron and started cooking lunch. My boyfriend was looking for something on the shelves and I didn’t know what. Love, what are you looking for? Something sweet to love.Love there on the other stand is everything to you. He laughed and told me I found him. He shows me a jar of nutella. I cooked and watched him eat a nutella. He is funny just how sweet he is eating. he disappeared with the nutella, he started yelling at me from the room.
Love you know what I meant … what !? Now let go of that lunch, shut it all down, and come to the room. But .. I’ll be hungry. Give it a fuck off lunch, get naked and come to bed now. I thought for a while and then decided to go to him. I turned off everything and went to the room.
He was naked, he was lying on the bed. His dick was in the air. I was looking at him while I was taking everything off. So I got hot and excited when I saw him. I came naked beside him. Love now lubricate my dick with nutella and enjoy .I will, love.
I put nutella on his head and all over his dick from top to bottom. I put some eggs on, too. dick. Fine dessert, so wet I started to be. Nutella was gone now, only the eggs were left. And I ate it all. I was still stuffing it in my mouth deep, it was all nutella-like taste mmm. He looked at me and said :
Love now I will lick you and put your nutella everywhere. Relax and lie down. He tapped my nipples on my nipples and on my pussy. Little was found on my lips too, he kissed me and it was gone. He went down to mine sucked.He licked my hard nipples and nibbled them.He came to my wet pussy.He licked her, circled with his tongue.I moaned slightly. His tongue was everywhere, circling his tongue all over his pussy. missing nutella.
I’m so horny for love, you know I’m going to end it quickly but I want to put it in your pussy for a while before I explode like this. Love put it on me I’m very eager for it, fuck me please.
I put my feet on his shoulders and his dick slid into my pussy. He fucked me really fast. We were both really very horny. It didn’t take me long to admit it but it was really nice to me. He filled my pussy with cum.And I … don’t worry about me because I came right behind him because he licked my pussy.
After sex, the food would be fine. But I didn’t finish lunch but he did. We ate and talked about nutella games not bad and that we would do it again when we came to eat as sweet as he is today and I didn’t feel bad, it was delicious and fine and his dick so fine mmmm.

Next door girl
It was a day and I was home alone. There are no schools, I am taught no trouble and there are no old people to control me. Freedom I can go outside and I can be home. I go outside, I will roll. nothing in front of me, i stared at them and what happened i fell and got hurt. It was already when i saw stones and all sorts of things on the floor. i broke down. i was crying and crying my leg hurts. I was looking at him, he was tall. He is so tall and I am so small and I am only 17 years old. I couldn’t get up, my leg hurt so bad. I just didn’t break something. Why did I have to look at these guys? I can get up, pain I’m sorry. He didn’t say anything, he was wearing me. I don’t know where we are going. My head is spinning and he is so fucking cute.
We came in front of someone’s house, I jerked off before we went in. Let me go, I don’t know you. He just dropped me and I couldn’t stand my leg. I fell and started crying. He wiped my tears and told me that I calm down and agreed. We go inside.
He put me down on the couch. Something was working on my foot, alcohol, a bandage … and I have no idea what. The pain and baking were horrible, but beside him everything was gone. I watched him. He noticed it and when he was done he sat down. is beside me. Little, oh little you will be fine now. He put his hand on my leg and then somehow everything started.
From kisses, touch …. to sex. He stripped me to the end and he was alone. I was like a disabled person with this leg. His dick is big and I’m so inexperienced. I wasn’t sure what I needed. I only had sex three times and had a dick.
Him: She’s so young, attractive, and so I want to fuck her. She smokes it nicely and puts it in her mouth, someday she’ll be a good fucker and a cock smoker. Baby, just put it in your mouth as deep as you can.
She: I put it as deep as I could, I listened to it. It’s so hard in my mouth. I smoked it for a little while and then it fucked me.
He: I can’t be mad anymore, well she’s fallen because there is something good in every accident. She didn’t fuck anyone today that didn’t happen. She pouted me. I told her to run as hard as she could. he stroked the pussy and when it got wet his dick went into the small and narrow pussy.
She: How good is this, he fucked me so hard I didn’t know all by myself, I saw all the stars.
Him: I fucked her really hard I was horribly horny I didn’t fuck for a long time, this my non stop stop making excuses and I’m tired and this this and that.
He fucked me until he was done. I did a lot of hard and hard on his dick.
My leg was a little better and I barely got home but he helped me. The old people didn’t figure anything out and I told them I fell and managed to get home on my own. There will be nothing in the little lies. I think of him and so I’m wet and I’m eager for it again.