Amy’s life

Ethnicity: Europian

Country of Origin: Croatia

Province / State: Republic of Croatia

Place of Birth: Rijeka

Date of Birth: December 21, 1991

Eye Color: Gray

Hair Color: Blonde, red, brown

Heigth: 5’1″

Weight: 110lb

Measurements: 110lb

Shoe Size: 8 (U.S. & Canada Women Size)

I was born and raised in Rijeka Croatia. My career began back in 2017, when I was out with some friends one night, and was approached by the bouncer of a nightclub, in the Zagreb town area. He happened to be familiar with a local talent agent. In high school, I was brainy and shy with no social graces to speak of. Back home, I like pets specialy dogs, and I m very good photographer. I had plenty of sexual ideas, sometimes my ideas an wishes come true;). I read a lot, though. Things related to sex, men, and porn. I also write sex stories from my experience mostly and from imagination. I feel that being in the movies helps me develop parts of my personality that were stunted during adolescence. For example, how to socialize, how to be at a party, how to interact with members of the opposite sex, how to be a social being, how to be empathetic and caring. What turns me on in a man are his shoulders and his height. I love going to the beach, photography, modeling, starring in my movies, casting and photo shooting. I hope to meet you in my members area!!! Missy Amy XOXO