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The delivery man and I <3

I opened my cell phone and I look at the face as there is a delivery from Mc Donalds, I think great. I ordered a meal. 11 o’clock has passed, which so far I don’t know what to do with myself. on television, there’s nothing uf … It’s been about half an hour and someone rang my doorbell.

I opened the door and saw a nice little delivery man. I was just looking at him and he was me too. He was looking at my feet. I mean let me take it off and take it. Fuck me now, lean me against the wall and put my dick in my hot pussy mmm. I have to get out of the fantasy world. I don’t … I just want to get him naked. He looks so nice to me. I know he thinks the same thing. Oh, that man is coming in now and he’s going to fuck me. Now or never. It’s a chance, I won’t miss her .I want it so much.

He wanted to go and I told him to stop. Do you have time to come to my place to ask you something in the hallway? I have, of course, beautiful girl. She came in and I closed the door. I couldn’t stand it. You know what, was having such sex with you now. Do you have sex with me !? You know, I meant it the whole time I was looking at you, to put it on. It would fuck you, even though I don’t have a lot of time. I know, we’ll be quick. We started getting off very fast, we really wanted to. We were ready. wet and he very hot. He was already blown up and hard. We went into action right away.

We are on the bed. I spread his legs and he put his hard dick in my pussy. He fucked me slowly and faster. We both moaned. Uh .. fuck his boss calls him. It’s not over yet, some boss is waiting for a laugh We kissed passionately and held hands. He fucked me, we kissed and moaned slightly when we didn’t kiss. He ended up on my pussy and I, I ended up on the sheet. It will happen again. Everything happened so soon. I’m not aware that I had sex. I’m sorry it goes so fast but we exchanged numbers. We will still have sex but it will be longer and hotter next time.

The delivery girl and me 🙂

I listened to music and cleaned the apartment. Some hunger struck me. What will I eat hmmm ….!? Oh yes .. I’ll order something from Mcdonalds, I’ll go order. I’m waiting for food … After half an hour my food arrives.
I open and see a blonde girl. She would do anything in bed for her. She would take everything off her. I opened the half-naked door for her. I only had thongs, I wrapped myself with a blanket so I couldn’t see anything. is.
Everything went so fast. She went inside and we were fast naked on the bed. She told me first of all that she loved girls and that I was very sweet to her. I laughed and told her that I loved girls too and that she was very handsome me.
We petted each other’s pussy and kissed each other in the mouth.
You know what I mean now … Two blondes are cuddling on the bed, which a man would not like to have now. Hihi I just laughed.
We went in pose 69, we licked each other’s pussy. We were so wet and tight. We put two fingers into each other’s pussies, we licked each other’s clerothis. It was really nice … After a few minutes …
We kissed in the mouth for a long time and cuddled. We started to moan, we enjoyed it.
We anointed each other’s pussy, we groaned, we kissed. We touched each other’s boobs and nibbled our nipples until we reached the climax.
There were a lot of our juices. I will remember this day with a pretty blonde I cuddled in bed.

A schoolgirl

I was sitting in a chair and listening to the professor talk. Everything was going on in my head, stupid math and those numbers. It just occurred to me how soon I would be in the bathroom with one boy and how we would have sex. It would be exciting and intense. the feeling that someone doesn’t come in and see us. I can’t wait for the end of class.
The last hour came, Biology. I wore a dress short, black and sandals on my heels. I wore sight glasses, black. I had long blonde hair and big breasts, threesomes. I was an average student, there were threesomes , fours and sometimes my unit broke. At the end of the hour it was soon. As soon as it rang, I packed everything in my backpack and quickly walked into the women’s toilet. I was waiting for him inside where the toilet was only. He soon came upon himself. : jeans, black shirt, his brown hair short, he had two tattoos (one was cross-shaped because he is a big believer, which I don’t mind and I find it nice and the other was the letter M because he lost the person who meant a lot in the accident and he decided to do it because, nice) and he had Nike sneakers down there.
We joked, and he put his hand on my pussy. I touched his dick. Now we stripped naked and we locked ourselves in the toilet. There, somebody was coming in, and that made us even hotter.
I knelt and jerked his dick and put it in his mouth, he stroked my pussy with his hand. I was so damp and eager for a dick. it is thick and tough. I watched it while I was smoking it. It made me mmmm.
I sat on the toilet board.I spread my legs.His dick slid into my pussy.Fucked me slowly.Too baby, fuck me.Turned my pussy mmm I tell him.He started fucking me so hard I thought I’d hear and I actually ended up on his dick soon enough. I couldn’t stand it anymore. And especially when someone tried to learn we were. We were locked up.
I came to myself after orgasms. I tugged at him. He tugged on my hair a little and fucked him fiercely. His sighs were a sign.
He wiped me with a piece of paper because I didn’t see behind and I’m a little sore. He had good sex, I was still coming to myself while we were dressing. He went first, so no one figured out what was going on in the toilet.

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